Six yards of Happiness

Oh my God what are you saying, could be the reaction of many. But for me and many others it is absolute happiness.

What is it that drives a person to admiration of a saree?

The sheer look at a six yards is pleasing.

Then comes the color, the texture, the design, the material. From the bright reds to the sober blues, they are all a delightful .

Shopping as such is fun for many, not that they are shopaholics but they definitely feel the adrenaline rush. And if it’s shopping for a saree it’s a very happy & cherished moment.

The moving in & out of shops to get the saree that meets your choice, is all fun though equally tiring.

The wait at the shop for your desired color or print, the one that pleases your eye is another strain to self and also the accompanying family members. Invariably the saree which the salesman is showing to your neighbor in the shop, turns out looking better than what you have been shown.

And when you get something good your mind & heart together say YES.

While choosing a saree especially for the newcomers, the poster prints are the best followed closely by the one displayed on the mannequin.

Or what has recently been worn by the heroines in any particular movie.

In Today’s world it’s not the movie stars but what is worn by the stars of the soap operas which is the fashion.

A wedding ceremony in the family or any happy occasion increases the happiness manifold.

Since it means a whole lot of shopping of ” Sarees”for self and friends & family

I am an ardent fan of raw silk sarees, they really make me excited.

I continue the tradition of wearing sarees every day to office, So much that my colleagues bet I was born draped in a saree.




Today’s word prompt is not very familiar to me. I vaguely remember coming across this word in some fiction story books. This gave me an opportunity to search up the meaning of this word.

Well for the benefit of all the meaning is charmingly beautiful.

I can relate this to the winsome smile of a child.

A child’s innocent smile is a great reliever of all troubles. It makes your forget all your worries though temporarily.

Similarly a toothless wrinkled smile of an elderly is equaling calming.

How often people struggle & wait for that bewitching smile from their loved ones.

A winsome attitude is liked by one and all. Even the most angry or completely distressed persons mood is uplifted with a winsome smile.

With so many disruptions around the world it is this winsome smiles which will take us through Life.


Viable –

Doable, practical, achievable & viable all mean the same.

It’s a plan that is capable of becoming useful or successful.

We all come across situations in life when we are at cross roads, there is always the easy but probably an unfavorable solution and the tough yet favorable solution to any problem. It’s upon us to choose the path we want to follow. Many a times the weak people succumb to pressures to adopt the short cuts in life.

A positive solution though tough can be achieved with a little planning, preparation and of course some hard work.

This plan to overcome the difficulties in life or business then becomes a viable solution.

A collection of such viable plans becomes experiences to be imbibed by others.

I can’t refrain from mentioning our captain cool Mr. Dhoni here.

His well thought out plan has helped in various victories.

One may argue that a plan may or may not be viable. The success of the plan is known later only after passage of some time.

But we should work towards creation of a viable structure and try to give a win- win solution to all involved.

New year Resolution?

Hi friends

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year 2018.

With the advent of the New Year comes the ritual of making resolutions which are at most times difficult to keep.

I encourage each one of you to resolve to continue doing what you enjoy the most. Don’t make resolutions under pressure of other people or the society at large, which you then end up breaking.

Resolutions should be just a reaffirmations of your ardent desires which you want to follow through but are forced by circumstances & other compelling reasons to give up. They say every plan should be stretched since we are not aware of our own capabilities. Similarly resolutions can be stretched but should not be based on forced actions due to others. Having said this would also like to emphasize the need to have strong desires and targets to accomplish.

A calendar & dairy are the ideal methodology to ensure you achieve your goals.

This is common knowledge but often forgotten.

Review the achievements at regular intervals, set a target of monthly or quarterly review. You can even have an end of day review to check your progress or change of path if required.

I have one resolution of noting down 3 good events per day for my family & myself.

I assume this will be a good diary of sweet memories & also teach us to be grateful to God.

Last but not the least let the list of resolutions be small, a laundry list of to dos will be challenging.

All the very best to setting & achieving your 2018 resolutions.



Cozy on hearing this word the first thought to my mind is my nest, my home.

It’s probably so for many who believe strongly that home is indeed the coziest place on earth.

Whether it is a small one room flat or a two bedroom flat in a posh locality. It’s the best place on earth.

A place you long to get back to after a hard days work.

Home is filled with so much of love & Happiness, of course there are moments of sadness & worries too but what comes to immediate attention of a positive mind is the unmeasurable unconditional incomparable love that the home represents.

All of us have heard this word as kids from the three bear story. The cozy bed of the baby bear, on which Cinderella was Happy & went to sleep. It’s not just the cozy bed from these stories but every bed at your home is cozy.

Home maybe far or close to work place, it may be difficult to reach during the heavy rains in mumbai or at any cause of disruptions but still there is no single person in the whole world who can find any place other than home to cozier.

For the poor sleep is great in-spite of absence of basic comforts & to the rich sleep eludes in-spite of the best food & bed.

It’s only at home sweet home that one is happy & feels cozy.



Varnish as I understand refers to the coating, a smooth external finish.

In the human perspective i would like to compare it with the external strength displayed by people inspite of the turmoils within.

This is an art which probably comes very naturally to many of us ladies & gents, especially as parents or elder members in the house with some years of experience.

Whether the varnish is apt or not in a particular situation is not very important, but it’s display helps us in building our own strength.

Take an example of a school child who is asked to perform in front of a large audience. Okay this is a group performance not an individual one, but each child’s thoughts are different. There are those who crave for such opportunities & others who wonder what is the need for such displays.

It’s not only the varnish on their pretty faces but also on the varnish on their strong ability to remain calm & composed and put up a face of absolute serenity.

Let’s also take into account the fact that such opportunities to face the crowd is the stepping stone for future successful events.

I am sure for many of us Facing the audience is still a nightmare. One we would like to avoid at the slightest possibility.

Even those of us who need to stand up for presentations on a regular basis, have some amount of fear, sweaty hands, waiting for the event to get over as quickly as possible…

Comfort zone is something all of us look forward to and never want to be disturbed from it.

But the minute we are able to correlate this varnish as a divinely ordained activity, something that will give us some positive vibes the entire experience would be great.

Slowly we will start to enjoy this and looking forward to it.

Here is the greater responsibility of performing better than the previous time.

Also a need to encourage others towards such events & give such opportunities to them with complete help emotionally and physically.

These are the traits of true leaders. Making everyone a leader either with or without a Varnish.

Why is Life so difficult?

A question like this is probably something everyone of us has been thinking off, but when it comes from your children how would you react.

We need to make children realize that life would have ups & downs it is a roller coaster ride. It is not a straight line up to the stars.

Law of gravitation & so nature ensures everything that goes up has to come down and anything that is down has to go up again.

This process continues life long.

We have been given this opportunity to make something fruitful out of our life, wonderful things that would make all remember us.

All can not become Famous.

But each one of us can strive to have a small place in another’s heart.

It could be our Happy smiles, the way we greet people, the way we talk, how we address others, even our presence. whether at home or outside each of us is unique and we should aim to do something unique in this world.

Today your day is great, you have a comfy bed to sleep, loving parents & siblings.

Tomorrow you may be busy completing your project work which could mean you have to burn the midnight oil.

The presence of people around you may be killing you since you need to work alone in peace. The comfy bed maybe eluding, but when the project is completed you are satisfied with the work you have done. You feel proud of the work you have done. Again the next day there maybe disruption since your best friends project is much better than yours.

These feelings are natural & in a way good to have. Since healthy competition propels is to think differently & take risks of doing new activities.

we need to understand how to keep moving ahead in-spite of these disruptions

The faster you learn this it’s easier to LIVE LIFE.