Insult or Impunity, you decide

Nobody likes to be pitied. Everyone wants to be known as happy & Healthy.

When you need to keep repeating the reason for your injury or the plaster for your fracture or the sling on your shoulder, at such times don’t you wish the earth would just swallow you, so you wouldn’t need to speak about your stupidity which caused the injury or the accident.

Since you want the world to see you as a STRONG person. One who can take on this and every other challenge that comes your way.

Today I realized, how wrong it is to put up a strong face & avoid the unwanted attention. At times emotions need to be expressed.

When you have an outward injury the plaster on it makes it too obvious to the world. It would propel them to definitely have at least one second of pity for you.

The well wishers would even go the extent of praying for your speedy recovery. Their thoughts are with you, to relieve you from pain & suffering. The universe hears this and low & behold the entire aura around you is working to heal you quickly & reduce your sufferings.

The ones who were envious of you also don’t want to be in your situation, at least for sometime.

Believe me it makes you feel strong & on your way to good health.


Right time to call it a Day

There is no time that is right or wrong. No auspicious moment to take that big decision. But the key question is the reason for a decision.

With the growing so called stress in life, people are more likely to call it a day. What is stress, when things go against your desire? When the situation is no longer in your control?

Isn’t this an indication that there is force above us that is working and most likely in our favor.

I hear lot of youngsters say that they would be exhausted by the time they are in their late 40’s. They talk of continuing their passion. They need their life to be more sorted & peaceful.

We all may aspire for it, but can we achieve absolute peace. Only the ultimate “switch off” can get us this.

Whenever these thoughts run through you, just say to yourself the divine forces will work in your favor. A person who is physically and mentally able to work should contribute to the family, company & the country.

Look at people less fortunate and just go on.

Principles of Life

A major part of our life around 13 years at least is spent in our schools. The temple of learning, this is literally where we belong to. How we behave, what we are and even how we speak is picked from our parents our teachers & the people in the society with whom we regularly interact.

A 7 hour school was something where in you pick up not just knowledge but also the best practices for life.

Starting with discipline of time, school starts at a fixed time for all students. No one can give a reason for being late. If you are early it is always appreciated, for the child also it gives more time with friends also probably to crack that difficult sum given by maths teacher or to complete that hindi composition with some help from the class “ scholars”. Some of these smart first rankers were also called book worms but I don’t think it mattered to them. For they did well in school & even later in life.

School uniform gave us the message, all of us are equal. During the industrial revolution the industries prescribed uniforms for all employees from Topmost officials to Lowest levels of workmen to bring in the spirit of commonness & unity.

There is a fixed schedule followed which included studies, sports & fun activities. A teaching that life should be complete with both work & play.

The homework sometimes loads sometimes fun which is an integral part of any school curriculum helps us realize practice makes us perfect.

Change of teachers, class friends and in some cases the school itself due to change in parents work location, only emphasized the fact that change is the only constant thing in life. Embrace it with love.

Exams at regular intervals to check the knowledge gained. Assessment is important though it is not the primary factor for deciding our success in life.

In our culture a guru has a place higher than even God and next only to parents.

Yes this refers to our teachers in school & college, but it also refers to every individual from whom you learn anything.

My school my alma matter is to me the most important part of my life.

The life lessons learnt then are all equally relevant even today. These principles of life should remain with us for Life